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Wood Sealing To Protect Your Pullman Structures & Surfaces

Wood sealing

Pacific Power Washing & Paint is your local Pullman specialist in wood sealing. Our professional services are designed to renew and protect decks, fences, and other outdoor wood from things like rot, mold growth, staining, and more. We apply superior-performance products that offer the dependable, long-term results you want for your wood installations. If you're ready to speak with one of our professionals about wood sealing or you need help with another project like house washing, we'd love to talk with you about scheduling an appointment or getting you a free quote.

Our wood sealing experts offer this important service to any homeowner that needs to seal and protect their fences, decks, and other wooden surfaces. Every project is unique, so the first step is to let one of our specialists inspect the area and advise you of the work necessary to complete the job. Our work comes with a variety of benefits, like:

  • Protection against moisture
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Protection against pests
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Durability

Protecting Wooden Structures

When it's fence or deck sealing you need, we're the specialist providing pressure washing for Pullman to trust with the job. We'll take off the old seal coating, sand the old finish off and smooth the wood, and reapply a fresh new seal. While there's a lot of work and elbow grease involved, we can accomplish the project quickly and beautifully.

The weather in our area can take its toll on your wooden installations, so make sure you get sealing done when it's time to replace the finish. While you can't control the weather or keep everyone off your deck, we can help you protect it from damage and renew the original beauty of the wood. Your wooden installations go through a lot of abuse, so let's get the job done soon!

Exterior Wood Care Through Sealing

Since decks, fences, and other installations are mostly horizontal surfaces that are exposed to constant foot traffic, water pooling, and sometimes even heavy vehicles, its protective sealant won't last as long as it would on vertical structures. However, your fences, walls, and other vertical areas still need protection.

There's nothing more crucial to preserving the surfaces of wood than regular maintenance through services like wood sealing. You'll need a high-quality surface waterproofing solution that also provides traction for horizontal surfaces and protects them from the elements. Whether it's a clear coating or super-tough and non-skid sealer, the products we use offer long-term protection so you can enjoy your wooden surfaces for years to come.