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Pullman's Trained Solar Panel Cleaning Specialists

Solar panel cleaning

You can trust the pros at Pacific Power Washing & Paint for the best solar panel cleaning solutions the Pullman area has to offer. Your solar array provides your home with clean energy from the vibrant California sun to keep it comfortable for you and your family. But if the panels are covered in a layer of dust, dirt, or debris, they can't soak up the energy needed to do their job properly. You want your array to perform at maximum efficiency so you can save money and reap the benefits that come from solar power. Making solar panel cleaning from a pro like Pacific Power Washing & Paint a regular part of your home maintenance routine will allow you to enjoy benefits like:

  • Increased energy absorption
  • Boosted energy output
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Keeps your array healthy

Pacific Power Washing & Paint is the area's top-rated team providing pressure washing for Pullman, dedicated to ensuring every part of your home is clean and well-maintained. When it comes to your solar panels, we want to be the specialists you can count on for high-quality cleaning services. Call us the next time you need solar panel cleaning and we'll show you the careful workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction that makes us the area's choice for solar panel cleaning and other exterior cleaning services like window cleaning.

Solar Panel Washing For The Best Solar Energy Collection Possible

Solar panel cleaning can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency of your PV panels. It makes sense - the goal of solar panels is to catch the maximum amount of sun. When your panels are covered by debris, they have more difficulty catching the light. When they're clean and clear, they are able to absorb the maximum amount of rays, reducing your dependence on the expensive power grid. Cleaning your PV panels will save the earth and save you money! Make the call to Pacific Power Washing & Paint today to get a solar panel cleaning service that will improve your solar energy collection.

PV Panel Washing To Protect Your Solar Panels

When our team at Pacific Power Washing & Paint performs solar panel cleaning, we use a gentle yet effective soft washing method to both renew and protect your solar array. Soft washing is the less aggressive counterpart to traditional high-pressure washing that uses cleaning solutions instead of water pressure to get the job done. These cleaners saturate contaminants on your solar panels and eliminate them, freeing your panels to soak up solar energy once more. It's the perfect method for cleaning solar panels and other delicate surfaces like roofing, glass, screen enclosures, and more.

When you contact a pressure washing expert from our team to take care of your solar panel cleaning, they'll evaluate your solar panels and see just how much work needs to be done. We know that every project has unique needs and challenges, and we'll meet them with eagerness and professionalism. You can count on us to give your solar panels the best cleaning the Pullman area has to offer!

If you've got solar panels on your Pullman home, don't neglect them! Make sure your array is clean year-round with solar panel cleaning from Pacific Power Washing & Paint.

Frequently Asked Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

Yes. Solar panels rely on sunlight to generate electricity, so anything that reduces the amount of light they receive can have a negative impact on their performance. Dust and debris can block sunlight and reduce the amount of energy that your solar panels can produce, which can ultimately result in higher energy costs for you. Regular cleaning of your solar panels is important to ensure that they are operating at peak performance. This is especially true if you live in an area with high levels of dust, pollen, or other debris.

Solar panel cleaning is essential for a few reasons:

  • Improved performance: Solar panels rely on sunlight to generate electricity, and anything that reduces the amount of light they receive can reduce their efficiency and prevent them from producing as much power as they are capable of. Dust, dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and other debris can accumulate on the surface of your solar panels, blocking sunlight and reducing their overall performance.
  • Energy savings: Regular solar panel cleaning can improve the efficiency of your solar panels, leading to increased energy savings for your home. Clean solar panels can produce more electricity and reduce your overall energy costs.
  • Protection of investment: Solar panels are an investment, and regular cleaning can help protect that investment by ensuring they last as long as possible. Solar panels that are not properly maintained and cleaned can deteriorate over time, leading to a shorter lifespan and the need for costly repairs or replacements.